AI is here to stay

Del med andre

You’ve probably already heard it in the corridors of your office, or at the family reunion: ‘Do you think AI will replace your job as a lawyer?’ Or, ‘are you scared to be left without a job since AI is advancing so fast?’

The answer is usually a dismissive ‘yes – but’

Yet haven’t we all had the thought? The uncertainty it brings to live in a time wherein a simple code can conclude a verdict of the facts presented to it – it lives in the back of our minds. The slight anxiousness that the future holds; for as we age and gain knowledge – so does it. The more realistic the sound of John F. Kennedy singing Whitney Houston becomes – the quicker we need to adapt.

The past three weeks, I have been contemplating this persistently and I know now that the next time someone asks me the question over a cup of coffee – my answer will not be a ‘yes but’. Rather, it will be a firm ‘no.’

No – because somewhere within my bones I am sure that even though law is monotonous and relies heavily on facts and figures, the human element is no less significant. An AI generated conclusion cannot measure up to the decades of defining right and wrong, justice and injustice. It cannot comprehend the human condition, the complex realities of family court, or the playing field in which international law operates. Instead, it excites me to be alive when an entirely new aspect of not just law, but human existence is unfolding. To somehow contribute to the ongoing conversations through thesis and research as to best accommodate this new feature into our lives.

So no – I am not afraid that AI will take away my job as a lawyer – instead there is nothing but security and opportunity on the horizon.

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