Are you considering taking a break?

Del med andre

Law school.

Two words synonymous with sacrifice. Four years with pangs of worry, and shudders of fleeting excitement. Within the social circle of law school comes an expectation of prestige, and struggle. Late night study sessions, and respect when you decline social gatherings to ‘focus’ even if it is only at the beginning of the semester. There is no saying why exactly this has become an acceptable condition worldwide – yet it doesn’t have to be the case.

You may look around and find yourself in deep water, desperately craving human attention but find yourself bound to the shackles of keeping up appearances. In your heart you know that law is your passion – it is what you want. But maybe not right now. It seems a terrible thing to admit – but you need to know: it’s okay.

Law school doesn’t have to be the ultimate sacrifice of your mental health, and you don’t have to be driven by fear alone. Cooped up in your dorm room for months on end feeling miserable is not the only way to go about it. You have options – it is just about finding them. It is completely acceptable and normal to take a semester off to recharge and come back driven by passion – and not be controlled by the opinions of your peers. Law school is a path to help you build your future and not destroy it through a rat race. The only major consequence of your break could be that you will join the workforce a semester or a year later than your peers. But in ten-fifteen years they will all tell you that it does not make a difference whether you take a semester or two to collect yourself: you will all end up in the same place.

Do what is best for you – to ensure you become the best lawyer you can be.

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